New York, 2013

Our project for the new Elevated Park promotes the most sustainable, eco-friendly, and community engaged promenade across Queens. The different segments of the former railway line offer a unique opportunity to develop an interwoven network that connects diverse neighborhoods and cultural identities. The abandonment of this once used rail line has left a void in this linkage between neighborhoods and people. This unique situation enables a new network of social interaction and cultural exchange as a new prototype for an ecological, cultural, and open space park.

Competition: March 2013
Program: Park and Public Facilities
Area: site 3.5 miles
Client: NY Trust for Public Land, Parks and Recreation Department
Design Team: Ivan Shumkov Architects, Beijing Turen Design Institute: Kongjian Yu, Kenneth Yeung, Stanley Lung, Tyler Austin, Anna Chan
Consultants: Thornton Tomasetti, Teanssolar, KS Engineers, Urban Tech